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SSA#42 Commissioners

Special Service Area  #42 has eight volunteer SSA Commissioners who are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Chicago and approved by the City Council. They oversee the budget, annual services, and service provider operations of SSA #42.  Each commissioner is granted a service term of two years. Prior to the expiration of their commission, they must renew with a minimum of three months’ notice to serve another term.

Ayesha Amena Karim – Chairperson

Andre Howard– Treasurer

Linda Young

Julia Perkins

Carmella Coqmard

Damon Smith

Rick Norwood

Sean McGinnis

SSA#42 Commissioners


SSA#42 Staff

Tonya Trice SSA #42 Executive Director
LaShawn Brown SA #42 Program Manager
Ciera Whitaker SSA #42 Administrative Assistant

Service Provider Agreement(PDF)

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