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Keeping the district clear of snow and ice for business owners customers and residents.


  • Snow removal services for accumulations of two inches or more based upon the National Weather Service forecast, with zero tolerance.

  • 24/7 availability during snow season, minus holidays, but includes weekends. If snow occurs on a holiday the following day in the early morning hours the snow plowing service occurs.


  • Snow and ice are removed from doorways of businesses in the corridor and a pathway of five feet across, corner to corner no later than 8:00 am.


  • The contractor works in tandem with the Streets and Sanitation Dept. and the Aldermanic Ward offices to improve efficiencies and prevent duplication of work.

Shovelling Snow


  • Provide snow removal and de-icing for the SSA boundary.
  • Remove all snow and apply salt after accumulation.
  • Clear all crosswalks and all bus stops of snow and ice
  • Crews will be mobilized and on their way to the site within 2-4 hours of snowfall.
  • Services will be provided by tractors or ATV's with snow blades approximately 4-5' wide with automatic salt spreaders attached.
  • A mixture of rock salt and magnesium or calcium chloride will be applied to sidewalks.
  • In areas hard to reach or too small for the tractors or ATV's The Contractor will remove snow with shovels, a snow broom and/or a snowblower.
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