Feeding South Shore program ends and is dubbed a SUCCESS


Developed, designed and executed by longtime resident and SSA #42 Commissioner Amena Karim and in partnership with In partnership with Special Service Area# 42 (SSA42) and Local Market Foods, Feeding South Shore was a four-week campaign (May 8, 2020 - May 29, 2020) that offered free food and delivery service to more than 1,000 of South Shore’s most vulnerable residents – seniors, low-income families, the disabled and Chicago Public School children in the South Shore area. The program not only offered free food, but also created new delivery service jobs in our underserved area.

The purpose of Feeding South Shore is to protect the most vulnerable in our community,

particularly seniors who had been urged to stay home and needed a no contact food source, and low-income families worried about their next meal. We wanted our neighbors to know that we are all in a difficult place, but we are all in this together.

SSA#42 provided financial support for Feeding South Shore and is a co-equal partner.

Local Market Foods co-owner Eva Jakubowski is committed to ending hunger and providing

jobs to underserved areas. Eva’s employees prepared more than 1,000 bags of nutritious and healthy foods for the most vulnerable segments in South Shore at no cost to recipients. Prepared grocery bags contain fresh meat, vegetables, dairy, food staples, canned goods and

more, valued up to $35 and enough to feed a family of four. Mrs. Jakubowski hired delivery personnel from the community to deliver the food, creating new jobs and a much-needed delivery service for an underserved area.