FAQs-Surveillance Camera Installation RFP

The South Shore Chamber of Commerce is seeking a security camera installation company to install surveillance camera systems and train for monitoring, data retrieval and reporting. Proposal due date: Friday, April 15, 2022 at 5:00 pm. Click the arrow to the left of each question to see the answer.

Is the current Security Camera Surveillance system RFP a refined form of the

security camera RFP that was posted in the fall of 2021?

Yes. However, after survey and assessment, it was determined as best to provide camera systems that would be used specifically to monitor portions of the public way, and that could be monitored by the South Shore Chamber and its contracted security services provider. Public way safety is one of the primary objectives of SSA#42.

What if the site property/business owner is interested in enhancing or upgrading the

systems and equipment that is provided by the SSA#42 camera program?

Are companies given equal consideration for the proposed services?

Is this a fixed fund project whereby there needs to be a single one-time number

covering all equipment, installation, and servicing?

Does System Service such as camera cleaning, firmware upgrades, software

updates, repair, or replacement need to be separately itemized?

Have there been any updates to the RFP since it was released?