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What We Do

A Special Service Area, also known as Business Improvement Districts, are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs. These enhanced services and programs are in ADDITION TO those provided from the City.

Plant Delivery_2


During the Spring and Summer, that floral fragrance that you smell is likely from the beautiful hanging baskets placed on lampposts along the business corridor.


Litter Abatement

Keeping the district clean and free of trash and prohibited posters allows everyone to feel a lot better about our neighborhood.


Beautification Projects

What would the holidays be without bows and lights?  Hanging baskets are switched out for brightly colored bows and holiday greenery in December.


Extra Security

Let’s face it, the police can’t be everywhere all the time.  Extra security gives businesses and patrons along the corridor a little more peace of mind.

Dj on Stage

Summer Festival

The annual South Shore Summer Festival held each August at the South Shore Cultural Center, is a growing community event enjoyed by thousands.  It’s a day dedicated to community engagement, family fun and an opportunity for local vendors to showcase their products to new customers.

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